Frequently Asked Questions

$30 Per Day / Per Dog.

Wanderlust Canine Services believes that dog daycare should  benefit your dogs mental and physical state. We focus on the dogs communication skills and creating impulse control at various points throughout the day.

Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordetella/ Kennel Cough, Canine Influenza.

For those trying to limit vaccine exposure, veterinary titers (except state required rabies vaccine) dated within one year are acceptable proof of vaccination

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View AAHA Vaccination Guidelines

Dogs over 12 weeks.

Females Spayed after 6 months.

Males Neutered after 1 year.

At Wanderlust Canine Services, we strive to have a safe clean environment for our earth and your pets. We use dog specific cleaners at proper dilution to ensure sanitation along with safe air quality for us and your dogs.

7 am – 9 am Drop Off
9 am – 12 am Group Session
12 am – 1 pm Lunch / Nap / Break
1pm – 4 pm Group Session
4 pm – 6 pm Pick Up

Yes, we will evaluate your dog on their first day and we can go from there with a game plan. Some may require extra help/training while others may just need to have the right environment to thrive.

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Although we offer private training, we are more then happy to help you find the right fit whether it’s with us or a different trainer.

Vermont Dog Trainer
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Greatful Dog Training
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